Really Haskell Inside Or April fool?

Microsoft has always horrified me with it’s exceptionally good talent to make things complex. MS knows very well how to spoil simplicity of the system. Moreover some how MS has managed to convince large population that “windows” is simplest and very easy to use OS! Well, there is simple trick to do that, if you do not give users chance to see what is good, they will eventually think that whatever they are getting is best user interface possible in this world. It is a simple trick, make things available to user at fingertip, user will be happy because he gets everything @ fingertip and also gets illusion that he is using best technology available. As you would have guessed correctly, MS customers are stuck-ed in blub’s paradox! Users simply have not seen anything good in this world. So what they see is the BEST!!!!

And now I am worried for my recent love of programming, “Haskell”. MS is taking keen interest in Haskell. I am worried that MS will spoil the beauty of Haskell!! Have a look at this link
at end, the article says “Microsoft will be issuing updated Windows CDs to all licensed customers, free of charge. The new CDs can be identified by the distinctive holographic “Haskell Inside” logo”!!!

Or is it just another April fool’s day? I will be happy if it is that 😉


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