Teacher is a new form of book which interacts with the reader and takes intelligent decision of showing selective contents depending on how the interaction with reader is going on.

The Idea:

Imagine that Albus Dumbeldore takes up challenge of giving all possible knowledge to all mortals on this earth. But unfortunately in Hogwarts there are not enough teachers to handle the huge student population. After high level meeting with ministry of magic a solution comes up. The ministry decides that all good teachers from earth should pour their knowledge in library of Hogwarts in the form of magical books. The magical books can be printed or manufactured in myrides of instances. Books being plenty in number can cover the population. And also books being magical, can teach interactively like a teacher. Ok so coming back to realities from fairy tale! Teacher is an interactive book (to start with an e-book running in a browser!) which keeps its eye open to take feedback from reader in various forms (How to take feedback is not decided yet!). After every section or paragraph it collects inputs from user and learns what percentage of the knowledge the reader has grabbed. Once it is satisfied with the knowledge level of reader it moves ahead to give next level of knowledge. If it is not satisfactory then it rearranges its contents in the coming section such that it exactly addresses that issue which reader did not understand in previous section.  In fact at end we might even have complete report of a student how he went with studies! And many reports from many students can also form a good feedback (with actual statistics) in restructuring of the book.

What issues does it handle? :

Knowledge is available from books as well as from teachers. Best teachers have limited reach. They can teach only few university students. Best books can cover much more students. But limitation with a book is that it has knowledge in static form. Good teachers judge from audio and visual feedback to adjust what concept to teach next. My concept “Teacher” will have mechanism to take feedback from reader and change itself so as readers of different capabilities go with different pace. At the end the book should have done the task of delivering desired knowledge to the reader irrespective of grasping power of the reader.


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