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Are we too many?

“The Earth is not just an ordinary planet! One can count, there 111 kings (not forgetting, to be sure, the Negro kings among them), 7000 geographers, 900,000 businessmen, 7,500,000 tipplers, 311,000,000 conceited men– that is to say, about 2,000,000,000 grown-ups.”

This is passage from a book, The Little Prince. These figures are old because the book is old enough to not to have recent figures. And one should also consider the fact that author might not have had access to Google and/or wikipedia 😉 Now we, the people form a big number of 6.7 billion. With this number increasing, all the developed nations are worried. They think (god knows whether they really think so or they just pretend it!) that we (meaning…they actually point to we, the third world countries!) humans have grown too much in number. They talk a lot about population and ways to prevent population growth.

I am writing this to break this myth. Yes it is myth. What on earth makes you guys think that there is too much of population? can you guess how much physical area all human beings take up on earth’s surface? Before reading ahead just make a guess and write down your guess in square kilometers.

If you have written down the figure, let me start breaking the myth. Let us imagine that we decide to pack all humans closely and then measure the total area used by them. We will make all human beings stand for a school assembly in disciplined manner. Let me give “just” comfortable space for every human being. In one square meter 4 people can stand very comfortably (that even accounts for obese people around!). That means that we totally need 6.7/4 billion square meters in total for all human beings. can you imagine how big is that number?

6.7/4 10e9 sq meter = 1675 sq km!
= 40 km x 40 km!

40 km x 40 km just covers one big city in India or a small island in sea! Thats it! All humans beings total do not occupy too much of area on earth! We occupy only 1675 sq km out of total 510,065,600 sq km area available on earth!

don’t you agree that he deserves!

I read in some psychology book that, humor is a way of human mind to handle stress. Really true! My frustration while talking to people for matrimonial purpose made me to sketch this sarcastic comic strip. Sorry to Bill watterson for using his famous Calvin and Hobbes as a way to express my idea!

Are you single? is this the reason? 😉

Calvin’s search for wife!

What on earth….

working on holiday!

This what I am feeling while working on a holiday!

ICFP with haskell/python …ocaml??

I left my office on Friday leaving an important meeting for participating in ICFP. Anand and me started working for ICFP 2007 with great zeal. We had decided scheme as our language of choice earlier. But looking at problem it looked like haskell should be better choice. So we started for working on the problem in haskell. By the time I wrote code for first part of problem, Anand got realization that haskell should not be used as none of us had expertise as much to compete in ICFP using haskell. Guess what .. Anand started looking at various languages on language shoot-outs and even tried to learn ocaml. by next day morning my haskell code was ready but was not enough to supprt Endo using a energy starving machine Arrow! I just could not convert my code in iterative way! I assume that recursion was the problem, because I was frequently ending up with stack overflow. Meanwhile when I was busy debugging my first ever biggest code written in haskell, Anand started formalizing data structures and tricks that he would use, if he had to code it in python. By Saturday afternoon my programme to decode RNA from DNA of endo was ready. I thought cool! We can do something before lightening division of competition. But then first time I realized that even linear recursion is dangerous stuff! My programme was running happily with great speed for smaller DNAs but it could not work on whole DNA of endo!!! Anand was ready with his later half written in python which decodes RNA into an image. But I had no full RNA to give him. Anand soon concluded that in futurelabs, at-least for today there is no other language of choice than python for discriminated hackers. Hummnn so next venture was writing first part of problem also in python. Anand being big fan of python, wrote it in no time. Saturday evening to Sunday afternoon went in optimizing bits and pieces of python code. After optimizing to almost that level that now no more it can be optimized, conclusion was that python can not be language if discriminated hackers 😦 Then the team turned eyes towards ocaml. Both of us finished first chapter of ocaml book happily. Then again with thought that although it looks simple, we might encounter bigger problems as we start solving the problem, we gave up on that. Oooh at last we even tried to make C as our final weapon, but realizing that it would take lot of effort to do that in C, later gave up for ICFP – 2007 with a vision for next year 😉 By the time we encounter ICFP 2008, we hope to learn around half a dozen good languages so that we have enough tools before starting the work!

Spice jet has created a blogger!

$$%#%$@&%^%#&@^$#@^%$#^%@$#^%@$#@ this is all for spice jet! I am now tired of waiting for flight on Bombay airport. Oh god… should I treat this as an opportunity to get free time to inaugurate my blog! Taking it very positively, this is THE opportunity..

def hello():
print " Hello World,\n This is my first blog on wordpress from mumbai airport!"
print " Thanks to spice jet for giving the world , a fantastic blogger like me"